His name is Knightron and his consistent attention to detail and reality in his music is what sets him apart from other hip hop artists. The story of this multi-talented M.C. began in the streets of Upstate New York. From high school to college Knightron would create a style all his own.

From live performances to CD releases, Knightron always finds a way to keep the people wanting more. In 2005 Knightron released a solo mixtape entitled The Formula. Twenty-two ear gripping tracks of Young Knightron. Some have said The Formula mixtape is better than most commercial releases and is a definite must have for any hip-hop fan.

In late 2005 Knightron made his first national appearance as a guest on well known R&B sensation Ginuwine’s album entitled “Back II the Basics.” Knightron’s wordplay and voice caught the attention of many listeners around the world. The name Knightron began to grow and still continues to draw attention.

From working with underground artists and producers who have heavy respect in the streets, to multi-platinum national recording artists who command the billboard charts, this young talent always seems to stand out as an unforgettable force in music.

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